Blue Flower

A place where you relax in  home comfort. An authentic place. Historical area. Sincerly smile faces, wonderful services, delicious tests.

Cafe belli is a place where you have warm chats with friends that you disappear in the history. Grand Bazaar is a covered bazaar built 500 years ago during ottoman time. The first shopping mall in the world. There are nearly 4000 shops in this place. Cafe belli is one of them. 

Close your eyes, make an imagination, you are in a place with your friends, around a table, having lovely conversations. Waiters are just around you but not disturbing, keeping a distance that any time you need you just can reach them and they try their the best sincerly to make you happy. All people around area are there for shopping so they are happy, this make you more happier.

A cup of coffee A Turkish proverb says that "a cup of coffee worth to respect for 40 years."

This explain about the understanding of hospitality. Cafe Belli is a foundation that uploaded all this good traditions of Anatolia.

Please enjoy your most beautiful time.


                                                                                                          Cafe Belli Team

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